Goethe and Faust

The great difference between them both: Goethe the author and Faust, the personality he created through his work. The monologue … More

Goethe,with music,no2.

Mahler concentrates himself on just one scene and that is the last scene in the tragedy “Faust” second part, by … More

Goethe,with music.

Second movement of Symphony no.8 by Gustav Mahler. I love the way this gives a special life to “Faust “, … More

Goethe and Adorno.

Adorno: so deep words about poetry of Goethe. Poetry as a vision of a better reality.Special mention of the short … More

Daily writings.

The special joy of reading the diary Goethe wrote for Frau von Stein, about his travel in Italy,beginning in the … More

Goethe, his letters.

The enormous collection of letters, written by Goethe. How come it has such power of attraction? Personally, I would have … More

Goethe, poems.

Presence in a moment. Wanderers Nachtlied, ein Gleiches. The view over a great span of time. Chorus mysticus, “Faust,second part”. … More


Just the beginning of the second movement in 8th Symphony by Gustav Mahler this morning.He has set music to the … More